After 50 years of experience on building boring and milling machine tools and more than 25 years from TUPC, the first universal 0,001° indexing mechanical head manufactured in thousands of units, FPT Industrie SpA group is proud to present its latest invention, the innovative TUDX head.

TUDX range combines in one head:
  • 5-axis continuous movement thanks to the use of powerful torque motors that increase the efficiency, reliability and allow an immediate positioning of the bodies;
  • FPT exclusive Automatic Accessories Change system designed and manufactured by FPT;
  • Large and innovative hydraulic braking systems on each axis;
  • Possibility to change, quickly and fully automatically, from powerful roughing spindles to high-rpm ones;
  • All the Motorspindles and Electrospindles are designed and manufactured by FPT Fastmill;
  • TUDX has two versions that can be installed on most of FPT milling machines: with 45° and 50° between the bodies.


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