EXTRACAL - Scientific Instruments by FPT Research Department.

At the end of the installation of each machine, it is issued a testing certificate attesting the geometrical accuracy of the machine according to ISO3070 and ISO10791 norms and the axis accuracy according to VDI/DGQ3441 norm.
The machine starts to work but, as the time goes by, the initial geometrical accuracy can be jeopardized by several reasons, among which: ground setting or foundation settlement, possible incorrect use of the machine leading to collisions, wear-out of some components, earthquake. If a geometrical control becomes necessary, it is required the intervention of specialized engineers equipped with sophisticated fixtures; this involves costs for the intervention and for loss of production. Consequently, by virtue of the costs to be suffered, an intervention aimed at a checking of the machine needs to be weighed unless a programmed maintenance is scheduled, which in any case doesn’t grant the accuracy of the machine between one check and another, without considering the relevant costs. The uncertainty about the geometrical quality of the machine during its operations can be quickly verified at any time by the user through the EXTRACAL system without handling the workpiece.