SPIRIT, the hydrostatic boring machine series, incorporates the essence of FPT and expresses its great potential in terms of innovation. FPT summarizes in SPIRIT its experience of the big hydrostatic machines designed and installed throughout the world during these last decades, succeeding once again in setting a new base line in this field.
SPIRIT boring machines are equipped with a ram completely closed on four sides that slides inside a perfectly closed saddle which wraps around the ram itself. A perfect solution in terms of rigidity and symmetry.
The new BHB sliding system (Boosted Hydrostatic Bearings) adds to the evident advantages of reliability, wear resistance and damping capacity, typical of the hydrostatic technology, the optimization of the performance in terms of rigidity and speed of linear axis motion.
The peculiarity of the whole SPIRIT range is the dynamic-hydraulic balancing system for the vertical and cross movements eliminating the old mechanical counterweight concept. This system, already patented since years, has been further elaborated and enhanced.
The BHB system and the particular technical solution of ram and saddle, together with the MACHES system (Multi Axis Control Hydrostatic Electronic System) installed for years on the big FPT boring machines, grants unparalled performances in terms of machining accuracy and chip removal rates even in the extreme cross and vertical stroke positions.

SPIRIT, the range of boring machines future-oriented, is able to satisfy for the next decades the needs in different application fields such as Power Generation, Heavy Duty Machining and Shipbuilding Industry. A wide selection of different milling heads allows to satisfy the most difficult needs in machining. The TUPC, automatic continuous positioning universal head, permits facing and drilling with any tool axis direction. The automatic head changer system allows high flexibility and automation.