CASTEL TERUS is a horizontal milling centre with moving column characterized by a special T-shaped morphology. Thanks to the wide range of available options, accessories and to the configuration flexibility, CASTEL TERUS meets the particular chip removal requirements in the aerospace, as well as in the mould and precision mechanics sectors. The automation level of the machining centre CASTEL TERUS can be adjusted to the modern production requirements by the use of the automatic milling accessory change and tool change device. Pallet changing systems with different dimensions and configurations allow the integration of one or more machines and the management of a FMS-technology that can be matched to the specific requirements of the customer. Various solutions for the operator protection and the limitation of the working area and the operator protection are provided, including integral enclosures which allow a perfect chip and coolant containment as well as the damping of the noise emissions. The monolithic and symmetric column guarantees high rigidity performances, unique for this machine category. The headstock saddle is housed in the column and moves on 4 linear guideways and roller sliding blocks. The vertical kinematic motion, by analogy with the technical solutions already used for Ronin and Verus, is characterized by a double ballscrew and double balancing system. A completely symmetric solution which ensures accuracy and positioning repeatability. The rotating table is available in different configurations and with various payloads. It is always typified by the hydrostatic support of the table plate, in line with the technical solutions of the big-sized boring machines manufactured by FPT. The spindle motorization is characterized by a direct transmission without mechanical gearbox. The milling performances are a reference point for this category of machines, with power up to 49 kW and torque up to 1180 Nm. The built-in motorization group fits in, as an option, the automatic accessory change device.