• 1977

    LEM2: first bed type milling machine manufactured by FPT

  • 1980

    LEM 3S: first bed type milling machine provided with sequential management unit

  • 1982

    LEM 2.5: milling machines with continuous axis control (CNC)

  • 1986

    ARX: first hydrostatic machine manufactured by FPT

  • 1988

    ARX: first boring machine manufactured by FPT

  • 1990

    MACHES: system for dynamic control of the axes with hydrostatic support

  • 1992

    SYNTHESIS: first machine with automatic accessory change

  • 1995

    TUPCG: first universal head in the world with millesimal positioning (0,001°)

  • 1996

    PRAGMA: first high dynamic moving column milling machine with automatic head change

  • 2001

    TULCE: universal head with continuous positioning, first in the world to have Direct- Drive motors. Morphology at 50°. It is still the only one to have 10° of undercutting

  • 2002

    RONIN: milling machine with travelling column and lowered trim unique in the world (LTM patent )

  • 2004

    AUTOCAL: automatic geometry re-calibration system for the milling heads

  • 2007

    SPIRIT: first boring machine in the world provided with boring quill with hydrostatic support and hydrostatic sliding system (patent HYDROQUILL

  • 2008

    VERTIGO: turning and milling center provided with spindle table equipped auto-calibration system

  • 2013

    FSW: innovative technology for junction of metals and alloys by friction stir welding instead of building-up welding