The history of an Italian company for more than 50 years

Since 1969, FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A. has been manufacturing CNC milling and boring machines for the mechanical and die & mould fields. Since its establishment, FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A. has greatly increased and significantly consolidated its presence on the domestic and International market, confirming its brand name as a synonym of technology, accuracy and reliability. The growth of the company has never slowed down over the years, thus affirming the validity of the adopted manufacturing and commercial strategies.

In 1997 FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A. took over CASTEL, an important Italian trademark for the manufacture of travelling column type boring machines, thereby extending its product range and increasing its market share as to its competitors. The success of FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A. is determined by its capacity to generate new ideas and above all by the continuous research and development of new processes, products, services and corporate image. The research team is particularly attentive to market demands and at the same time committed to offer a totally reliable service to the end user.

FPT is the leader company in manufacturing medium-big size milling boring machines. Equipped with the most up-to date facilities representing the state of the art in the productive systems, FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A offers high-tech machines able to solve and improve the traditional productive processes connected to the most important and delicate mechanical machining.

More than 280 specialized technicians, mechanical, electrical, electronic, programmers involved in the assembly of high quality products in warehouses designed to ensure high production flexibility.


Thanks to the most advanced simulation techniques and the experience developed in the field, FPT is able to respond to the various production needs of customers and to optimize the technical-economic result of new investments.

A specific team of engineers is able to follow the customer throughout the development of the technological process and to develop targeted proposals in the choice of machinery, plant layouts and processing cycles.


Organizational model

FPT INDUSTRIE SpA aims to ensure the highest standard of professional competence for its customers, including in terms of quality, integrity and ethical behavior.

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