Corporate System


How the CORPORATE SYSTEM of FPT INDUSTRIE mainly develops, and how it is structured:

  • PROJECT MANAGER: group of engineers dedicated to individual customer orders, i.e. highly qualified technicians that will assist our customers throughout the production, positioning and testing of the machine. A precise point of reference for our customers who at any time will have a single contact always available and in charge of any information or request they may have;
  • SERVICE: dedicated team of specialists for the Technical Service within the warranty period and post warranty period;
  • TCO: technicians dedicated to support the customer for production start-up and to transfer all the information on the best features of the machine;
  • MARES 4.0+ Platform: evolved platform 4.0 and 5.0 oriented, able to detect the management data of all the most different machines present in production and equipped with all the widest variety of CNCs, to manage them and make them uniform with each other, so that to have a total integration and management of the production interfacing with all management systems. This results in important economic returns due to a precise knowledge of the potential of their own companies;
  • FAST MILL®: design, Production and Sales of a wide range of advanced workpiece clamping, positioning and fast tooling systems;
  • FSW: group of technicians dedicated to the development, construction and support of a wide range of solutions focused on the joint of metal surfaces, uniform and not, for extrusion, through Friction Stir Welding technology, with the use of anthropomorphic robots or machines that can automatically alternate milling to welding operations, dedicated workpiece picking systems, tools and management software;
  • SPARE PARTS DEPT: structure dedicated to servicing of accessories, with highly qualified technicians who can make use of more than 10 test benches for the milling heads, construction and overhaul of electro-spindles, etc... using a well-stocked spare parts warehouse either by machines in production or older machines;
  • ACCESSORIES: the new FPT Industrie milling heads and rotating sliding tables are constantly evolving to guarantee, to the new installations as well as to the existing ones, always higher performances;
  • EXTRACAL, IAT and AUTOCAL: the most innovative and advanced systems in the sector, developed by FPT team of expert engineers, allowing to increase the performances of our machines throughout time and to ensure the maintenance of the original features and results, even for several years, independently from the use and environmental conditions;
  • IVE: a team devoted to finding solutions dedicated to the needs of the customer, even the most demanding ones. Such solutions involve, among others, palletization systems with multiple machines, tool changers or special rotary tables, but also working cycle management etc... .